Make your first class a success


There are lots of reasons people seek out Pilates and why people rave about it too!  It’s a whole body workout which includes strength and flexibility and focuses on trying to achieve great form with the exercises for the best results!

The keys to success with pilates are; working at the right level AND regular practice, that’s why I have an intro package to help new clients get off to the best start. Intro packages include a 1:1 session and a flexible package of classes, to find out more please get in touch.


What you need to know before you get started

  • Wear comfy clothes, layers are good so you can layer up or down to suit your temperature.

  • Listen to your body, in pilates you want to feel that your muscles are being stretched and toned but that is a different feeling to pain. If an exercise is painful stop.

  • There is usually a simple tweak to a movement that needs to be made to change a painful movement into a pain free one. Tell me if it hurts and I will help you.

  • Have some water available.
  • Grippy socks such as ToeSox are great to keep your feet warm whilst stopping you from sliding.

  • Remember everyone is a beginner at some stage, while it may seem like there’s a lot of new information to take on board, progress is only made with practice.

  • The first few weeks may seem like the hardest, but if you stick with it you will soon see and feel the results!

  • You can let me know about any injuries you may have or goals you are working towards on the booking form or by booking a free welcome consultation


  • Clean bright and welcoming studio

  • 1:1 and small group contemporary pilates sessions.

  • Physio led rehab appointments.

  • Use the Reformer, Tower, Split Pedal Chair, Spine Corrector and Arc barrel and other small equipment to improve and enhance your fitness and flexibility.

  • Intro package and monthly saver options available.


  • Live and recoded classes

  • 1:1 or private group zoom workouts

  • Beginners, mixed level and advanced classes

  • Free set up session if you need help with tech

  • Intro package and monthly saver options available