Physiotherapy in Bollington

Hi, I’m Kaye!

I want to help you improve your fitness and function. Many things can prevent us from being as active as we want to be, and we all have different goals in life.

Whether you are recovering from illness or injury or managing a long term health condition, preparing for surgery, or looking for an individualised fitness programme to help you stay fit for life and injury free, I am here to help.

I am a Chartered Physiotherapist and APPI Certified Pilates teacher. With over 20 years experience helping people manage musculoskeletal complaints I can tell you that exercise applied well is one of the best therapies out there.

Personally I’ve always liked to keep active but never classed myself as “the sporty type” I love pilates because it keeps me fit, flexible and feeling good so I can enjoy being a mum to 3 sons and all the adventures that life brings.

Pilates and Physiotherapy appointments are available in Bollington, Disley and surrounding areas to enquire please book your free welcome call.

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What clients say

“to anyone who might be like I was, having been advised to do something like this for health reasons but reluctant to do so (or maybe thinking they should or would like to try but nervous about it), I would say give it a go, what do you have to lose? You might be pleasantly surprised and Kaye is really good at putting you at your ease and finding what suits you”

– Carolyn S November 2020

“I had shoulder surgery a week before lockdown and whilst I had Physiotherapy through the hospital, Kaye has helped me immensely over the the last six months using her skills as both a physiotherapist and a pilates teacher. I feel stronger and better than ever and my shoulder has benefitted immensely from the focused exercises”

– Sarah H October 2020